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Characteristics of all our SEO packages

More than 80% of your potential clients do a Google search before making a purchase decision. With our Search Engine Positioning service, we will help you to always be visible to your potential clients and get more visits to your website, standing out from the competition.

Tailor-made strategy

We analyze your business and your competitors, and we recommend the perfect strategy to position your business in search engines.

Industry and competitor analysis

When making a good SEO strategy it is very important to know your competition and keep an eye on what they do at all times.

Services sign-up

We will register your website in a series of tools necessary to know, analyze and enhance your search engine positioning.

Business analysis

Our team of SEO experts will analyze your business and create the best strategy to position it on the internet.

Website optimization

Having a well-optimizaed website nowadays is the basis of any good SEO strategy.

Monthly report

Every month we will send you a report with the work done and the objectives achieved.

Positioning your website
is easy with IceCream Marketing Shop

1.- Select the service that best suits your needs and complete the purchase.

2.- An advisor will contact you to request the information and guide you through the process.

3.- Our team of SEO Experts will analyze your business, your website, your internet presence and your competition.

4.- We will carry out the most appropriate strategy for your needs.

5.- You will see how your business begins to climb positions in search engines.



Positioning of up to 3 words and 1 blog post

What it includes

Web and competition analysis

Positioning of 3 keywords

Content and article optimization, 5 per month



Positioning of up to 5 keywords and 2 blog posts

What it includes

Web and competition analysis

Positioning of 5 keywords

Content and article optimization, 10 per month



Positioning up to 10 words and 4 blog posts

What it includes

Web and competition analysis

Positioning of 10 keywords

Content and article optimization, 20 per month


No, none of our products, services or marketing packs have minimum time commitments. You can cancel your service whenever you want, just notify us at least 15 days in advance of the next billing date.

When we apply our SEO packs to the websites that we design, we achieve real and verifiable results.

If you already have a website that we have not created, contact us and we will assess the characteristics of your page to confirm if it is possible to ensure its optimization, since some web platforms make SEO work difficult and we need to do a prior analysis.

An advisor will contact you in less than 24 hours from your purchase, at which point we will start working on your SEO positioning.

We will need access to your website; we will never change anything without your consent.

This is the big question. Normally, we start getting visible results in between 3 and 6 months, but it depends on your industry, your competition, and how your website is built and how old it is.

As they say in the “SEO world”, search engine optimization is a long-distance race.

This is impossible. And if someone assures you, don’t ever trust them. Changes in search engines and the work of your competition make your search positions change constantly. The ideal is to stay in the top 10 positions and for this you need a constant SEO strategy that evolves over time.

There are very generic search terms for which it is very difficult or take years to position. Bear in mind that there are businesses that have been working their presence on the internet for many years and therefore improving your positioning in a few months, it is very difficult; but with time and hard work, anything is possible.

The form of payment in IceCream Marketing Shop is by Credit / Debit Card. We will ask for it at the time of purchase.

For subscription services, we will automatically charge you the monthly fee on the card you used at the time of payment.